Can I keep my number?

You sure can, the process is known as ‘porting’. To port a number over you will need access to that number when you’re activating your SIM. This helps us protect customers from unauthorised ports.   

Here's how to do it: 

  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Then select ‘Activate your SIM’ button.  
  3. Verify your nu SIM by entering the SIM serial number located on the SIM card we’ve sent you. 

If you are a pre-paid customer, enter the phone number you want to port and your date of birth for that phone number. 

If you are a post-paid customer, you will need the account reference number (ARN) linked to that phone number (which you can find on a bill from your current mobile service provider). If you are a pre-paid customer, please do not fill out the ARN section. 

Then our website will generate a unique six-digit PIN and send it to the number you’re wanting to port. When you get that PIN, just enter it on our website and click the transfer button and your number should in most cases be transferred to your nu SIM within an hour, but it could take up to 48 hours. You can continue using your old service until the porting is completed. You will receive a notification from us as soon as the port is complete. 

Once you have received the notification saying that your numobile SIM is now active, please restart your phone for the activation to complete. 

If your number hasn’t ported within 48 hours, or you have received a notification that something has gone wrong, please get in touch with our customer service team. 

If you at any point decide to leave numobile, you can also port out. So, you can take your own number or the number you received from us over to your new provider. 

Good to know 
We cannot port a disconnected number, but we can provide a new number at no additional cost.  

Make sure the details you provide match your details with your previous provider. Incorrect or mismatching details may delay the transfer. You may need to contact your current provider to confirm the details. 

 We will need to validate that your number can be ported. You should check if there are any cancellation or other fees charged by your existing supplier. We will normally notify you the day the transfer occurs. When your old service stops working, insert your nu SIM and restart your phone to confirm your new service is operating,  If you have problems with your service before the port is completed, please contact your current service provider. Only the services for the ported number will be transferred, any other services held with your current provider will continue. We may need to provide information to other service and network providers or financial institutions for the purpose of routing calls, complaints, and fault management or fraud protection. 

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