What does the process involve?


  1. Installing the App

You will have been sent an invitation to start the identification process from support@numobile.com.au or via sms. When you click on the link or button on your phone, you will be redirected to the App or Play Store to install Truuth ID app. Please install the app on your phone or smart device.

  1. Starting the ID Process

​After you have installed the app, click on “Open” to start the ID process. If you have already closed the app or play store, you can also start the process by returning to your email or SMS and clicking on the link again.

  1. Scanning a Document

Hold your phone steady with the camera pointing at the document. It helps reduce glare if you hold the document in your hand rather than placing it on a table. If the scanner fails to capture the document automatically, simply press the circle to take the photo.

  1. Cropping the Image

If the blue rectangle hasn’t fit the document perfectly, please drag the corners of the rectangle to match the corners of your document. When you touch the screen, a magnifier will appear to make it easy to find the corners.

  1. Reviewing the Image

​ If you can’t read the text on the document clearly because it has glare or is blurry, please take another photo.

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