What does "good as nu"and "pretty good" mean?

Quality refurbished phones, tested and nucertified right here in Aus.

We hand-select our nu phones one by one and perform a 51-point test to make sure our nucertified phones work and look the way you expect them to. 

When you choose “nu” you can be confident that you’ll get a quality refurbished phone that’s fully functional*, tested, data-wiped, and cleaned. Check out more about what we test here

Another important part of our process is to grade the phones based on their good looks and we have two conditions for you to choose from. We have phones that look good as nu, or you can save some extra cash by choosing the phones that look pretty good (and let’s be honest, who keeps their phone completely scratch-free anyway?). 

We want to find new homes for as many phones as possible, but we want you to know the difference between our grades so you can pick the nu phone that’s right for you. You can check out what our grades mean below. 

Remember, true beauty comes from within – all our phones are fully functional* and covered by our 12-month phone warranty. If for some reason you change your mind or decide that nu is not for you (although we doubt it), you can return your phone within 30 days for a full refund – we'll even cover the shipping.

Good as nu. 

These are so good looking that you'll find them hard to put down. They've been well looked-after and often get mistaken for being new. The savings (compared to new phones) will have your pockets thanking you for not burning holes in them. To put it simply, it's an awesome deal, so why not give it a go and see if you like it for yourself?​

Looks: these phones have no visible marks on the housing and the screen is free from scratches.

Functionality: these phones are fully functional*, tested, and data-wiped.​​

Pretty good.

Still want an awesome phone but want to save some extra $? If you don't care about keeping your phone completely scratch-free anyway, then this is your perfect match. They're pretty good and ready for their next owner. 

Hot tip – throw on a case and a screen protector to hide most of the scuffs & you're good to go!​

Looks: these phones may have some minor visible marks on the housing or the screen. 

Functionality: these phones are fully functional*, tested, and data-wiped. 

*As of Oct 2020, the average battery capacity of all nu phones is 92%. Min. capacity is 80%.

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