How do I access my new voicemail service?

Voicemail can be accessed by dialling 101 or +61101 from your handset or opening your phone contacts and calling “voicemail”.

When you first dial voicemail, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Supply a PIN (must be six digits long)
  • Re-enter your PIN
  • Record a greeting

If you have any problems, press * to return to the previous menu then press 0 for help.

Please note, when recording your personal greeting message, it cannot be any longer than 1 minute in length.

How do I access my old messages when my voicemail has been upgraded?

To access messages on your old voicemail service, dial the temporary access code of 0418707105, then follow the prompts. Your old voicemail service will be accessible for 8 weeks after the upgrade. 

Will I still receive a message when I am nearing the stored capacity?

Yes, the following notifications are sent to help you manage the capacity of your voicemail service:

  • SMS notification is sent when the 38th and 39th message is received. The SMS notification advises “Your voicemail mailbox is almost full. Message retrieved at <time, date>”
  • SMS notification is sent when the 40th message is received. The SMS notification advises “Your voicemail mailbox is full. Message retrieved <time, date>” When at capacity, a caller is unable to leave a message until messages are deleted.

How do I access my voicemail from another phone?

You can access your voicemail from another phone, but you must first set up your new voicemail service from your own handset. When complete, you can access your voicemail messages and manage your mailbox from another handset by calling your own mobile number followed by hash key twice (##) while your voicemail greeting is playing, then enter your PIN followed by hash (#) key. I use 141 to access voicemail, will this still work? Yes, you can dial 141 and/or 101 to access to your new voicemail service.

In case of emergency, will 000 still be in use during the upgrade window? Yes, Emergency 000 will still be accessible.

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