I already have a phone, can I just purchase a SIM only?

Already have an awesome phone and want a SIM to match? We have month-to-month SIM plans which means you can change your plan at any time to suit your needs. Check out this page for more information on our plans!

Benefits in joining nu:

  • An Aussie-based support team that gets you.
  • Heaps of data for an amazing price.
  • Data bank your unused data every month –  see how much you can store in your data bank here
  • Seen better inclusions for the plan you’re on? You’ll get them too! We believe everyone deserves a great deal, not just new customers (because we care about all our customers!).
  • Change your plan up or down every month to suit your needs (if you switch to a lower plan though, you will lose your banked data – but don’t worry, you can start banking your unused data again from that point on).
  • You can easily add a phone to your plan whenever you want – see how here. 


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