I want to port but I can’t get the one-time PIN, what ID can I use to verify myself?

Can’t get access to the number you’re trying to port? That’s ok, but we will need to verify you with at least two forms of ID before we can process the port.

You can initiate the process (by going to activate your SIM via the My Account portal) but you will need to give us a reason why you won’t have access to that number and we’ll give you more information on how to send through the required forms of ID. It will need to be two Category A documents or alternatively, it can be one Category A and two Category B documents that can verify your identity.

Below is a list of all the Category A and B documents that we accept at numobile:

Category A

  • Australian State or Territory Driver's License Issued in the same name of the customer by a Commonwealth, State or Territory Department or agency.
  • Australian Passport with an expiry date in the future or no more than 2 years in the past.
  • A current foreign passport issued by a foreign government that contains a valid entry stamp or visa Issued by the Australian Government.
  • Immicard issued by the Department of Home Affairs (or the Commonwealth Government Department responsible for issuing ImmiCards at the relevant time).

Category B

  • Medicare Card.
  • Bank or Financial institution card, passbook or statement issued by the bank, credit union, or building society. Card statements or passbooks must cover at least 6 months of financial transactions and be in the individual's name. The individual's signature must be on their current address on the statement or passbook. Documents from foreign banks or institutions are not acceptable.
  • Post-Paid Telecommunications Billing Record Issued by an Australian telecommunications company, which must be a statement of account for a post-paid carriage service issued in the previous 12 months, showing the same name and address given by the customer to the gaining carriage service provider prior to a port occurring.
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