I received a message from numobile with a one-time PIN but haven’t requested one.

If you’re not trying to port your number to numobile (or anyone on your behalf), then you should contact us as soon as possible on 1800 951 384 or via chat on our website or email us via support@numobile.com.au so we can investigate the request.

The good news is, no-one will be able to port your number without that pin or at least two identification documents, so make sure you don’t share the PIN with anyone and numobile would never call you to ask you for your one-time PIN.

If you suspect that someone is trying to fraudulently port your number, you should report this to the Police for investigation. We also recommend reporting this to government services that support customers whose phone number is the subject of an unauthorised port (e.g. Scamwatch and IDCARE).

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