Why do I need to enter a one-time pin when porting my number?

When porting a number across to numobile you’ll need to have access to the number that you’re porting when you are activating your SIM. This helps us protect customers from unauthorised ports.   

As of May 2020, all mobile phone service providers are required by law to use an additional identity verification process to verify the identity of the person who is requesting a port from a different provider. numobile has chosen to use the one-time pin service to authenticate customers’ wanting to port, making it an easy and secure online experience. 

How does it work? When you go to activate your SIM on our website and choose to port your number over, our website will generate a six-digit PIN and send it to the number you’re wishing to port. You will need to enter this PIN number into our website when requested and provided all the information you have given us was correct (more on that here) you’ll be able to proceed with porting your number over to us!

Don’t have access to the number you need to port? You can still initiate the process of a port (by going to activate your SIM via the My Account portal), but you will need to provide a reason why you don’t have access to that number, and we will need to verify your identity with 2 forms of ID before we can process the port. You can have a look at what forms of ID we accept here.

What to do if you suspect that someone is trying to fraudulently port your number? You should report this to the Police for investigation. We also recommend reporting this to government services that support customers whose phone number is the subject of an unauthorised port (e.g. Scamwatch and IDCARE).

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