How can I change my plan up or down?

You can change your plan (up or down) every month in the 'plan and add-ons' section of your account. If you’ve selected a new plan, it will start on your next plan renewal date (provided you’ve made the change by 8pm on the night before that renewal date, otherwise it will start on the renewal date after that).

Please keep in mind that your unused data is yours to keep in your data bank for as long as you stay on your current plan or change up to a bigger one. If you change your plan down to a smaller one, your data bank will reset, and you will lose any of the data you had banked so far.

If you do change down to a smaller plan, don’t worry, you can start banking any unused data from then on.

How does the 30-day return or swap work? 

If “nu” is not for you – no worries. You can return or exchange your phone within 30 days of purchase. We’ll even pay for the return shipping!  ​

Here are our conditions for returns:​

  • The phone must be returned in its original packaging, with all original accessories, and must be in its original, undamaged condition. ​
  • The phone can have no signs of wear from its original condition (this includes scratches and other damage to the screen, housing, and hardware). ​

If your phone satisfies all conditions above, you can lodge your return here.

What if I received a damaged or faulty phone?

If you believe you received a damaged or faulty phone, please get in touch with us within 3 days of receiving your phone (this does not affect your rights under Australian Consumer Law). Find out what to do here.

 For customers that joined before 19 May 2020.

If you were one of the very first customers that joined numobile before 19 May 2020, you may still have access to our “Swap or return anytime” program. Please find out more about this program here.  


What if my device is under warranty?


Every nucertified phone comes with our 12-month device warranty. So, if your phone fails (unless the failure is due to damage caused by you, another person, or by accident) to meet our nucertified standards during that period we’ll arrange for the phone to be repaired or replaced (at our election) at no additional cost. This is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. ​ 

You can get the full details here. The terms of your return options can be found in our "legal stuff" page.  



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